To all our superb athletes, enthusiastic sports lovers, supporters and Indian BodyBuilding & Fitness Federation_ (IBBFF) Family, as we all know from past      15-16 months our country has gone through the very worst time of the century and which directly affected the major loss of opportunities. By the grace and with the good blessings of INDIAN BODYBUILDNIG & FITNESS FEDERATION_IBBFF President (Mr.SANJAY JOSHI SIR) and General Secretary of INDIAN BODYBUILDING & FITNESS FEDERATION_IBBFF and of the ASIAN FEDERATON OF BODYBUIDLING & FITNESS_AFBF (Mr.SANJAY MORE SIR). The Tamilan Amateur Bodybuilding And Fitness Federation under the patronage of INDIAN BODYBUILDING & FITNESS FEDERATION_IBBFF presents,, [ 08th ANAND CLASSIC BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONSHIP 2022]. So, set the alarm of 09th January 2022 of the location at Priya Mahal M.C Road , Ambur , Tamil Nadu , INDIA. For More Details :- kindly