We are so glad to announce the news which was dated on 30th oct. 2021 at India’s capital New Delhi which was marked for the INDIAN BODYBUILDING ANNUAL CONGRESS MEETING of INDIAN BODYBUILDING & FITNESS FEDERATION. The annual congress was regarding (SPECIAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY). In the SPECIAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY total 27 affiliated states of India took part and marked their attendance. With the presence of 27 states, the SPECIAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY of INDIAN BODYBUILDING & FITNESS FEDERATION elected unanimously (with no opposition) Mr. SANJAY JOSHI SIR as the (PRESIDENT) of INDIAN BODYBUILDING & FITNESS FEDERATION and Dr. SANJAY MORE SIR as the (GENERAL SECRETARY) of INDIAN BODYBUILDING & FITNESS FEDERATION. Dr. SANJAY MORE SIR is also the (GENERAL SECRETARY) of ASIAN FEDERATION OF BODYBUILDING & FITNESS FEDERATION. Later on Dr. SANJAY MORE SIR announced the all new Executive Committee of INDAIN BODYBUILDING & FITNESS FEDERATION. As Chief Pardon :- Mr. CHANDRAKANT KHAIRE (Ex. MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT). As Treasure :- Mr. RAJESH SAWANT (MAHARASHTRA BODYBUILDERS ASSOCIATION). As Legal Advisor :- Adv.SACHIN RANADIVE & Adv.KASHYAP KHANDAGALE We the INDAIN BODYBUILDING & FITNESS FEDERATION wishes both of them all the best for their tenure and under their tenure INDIAN BODYBUILDING & FITNESS FEDERATION will definitely make the historical achievements of the era